You are invited to our Street to see what life is like! It’s raw, in your face and deadly real on the street! Is it too real for you? Can you handle brutal reality?

Strong issues will be covered on the journey through the street.

Be prepared, harsh language and violence meet you in a strange territory. Anything can happen!

This unique approach to tacking youth disorder is now well into its fifth incarnation and will shortly begin production on it’s sixth season.

The project, which was developed by Regen:fx Youth Trust with support from South Lanarkshire Council, uses gritty, hard hitting live action and effective youth work to challenge young people in ways they have never been tackled before.

Issues such as knife crime and gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual health, domestic violence and vandalism are key areas that the Street project presents to the group of young people on their journey through the street.

They engage with other young people and youth workers to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of anti-social behaviour in communities.

To do this, a virtual street has been created in an industrial unit in Hamilton and youth groups and individuals are invited to walk along the street where they will witness a series of events they may recognise from their own lives or communities. All of the actors are young people from the area who have themselves been affected in their own lives or communities by the issues covered

By asking the young audience to experience the street and witness the aftermath of antisocial activities, which happen in streets throughout the region, the project aims to encourage young people to realise the consequences of potentially harmful and destructive behaviour and show through experience, the intimidation and fear that communities can feel.

The experience is immediately followed by an hour long workshop with youth workers who will help the young people discuss the events they have just watched. They will explore thoughts and feelings about what they have witnessed and identify alternate options at crucial decision points during the scenes.

The Street is championed by the Hon Lady Rae, a Judge of the Supreme Courts since 2014 and the Glasgow Branch Chair of the Scottish Association for the Study of Offending.

Councillor Mary Smith, the chair of the council's Education Committee, said: "This innovative approach to dealing with issues like knife crime, violence, vandalism, drug and alcohol misuse has been well received by young people. What is so different about this approach is that it doesn't preach or lecture young people. Instead the young people are part of the whole process"

The Street is open to targeted young people who are 14 or older with sessions taking place on Mondays and Thursdays with performance times at 7pm and 8.20pm.

Each show and workshop session can accommodate up to 10 people including youth workers, although multiple bookings can also be made. Booking is essential.

Councillor Davie McLachlan, the council's Spokesperson for Youth, said: "This is a unique experience which will benefit young people and our communities. It helps them see the negative consequences that anti-social behaviour can have which affect them, their friends and their families and this production will bring home to them in graphic detail what those consequences can be"

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